OUR Values and Principles

our Co-operative Academies have core values that are in line with the values and principles of the International Co-operative Movement

our Co-operative Values

Self-help: Encouraging all within the organisation to help each other, by working together to gain mutual benefits. Helping people to help themselves

our Ethical Values

Consistent with the values of the founders of the Co-operative Movement, we believe in the ethical values of:

We use these values as the basis of what we do and how we act. Our Co-operative Values give us a unique difference from those of other non Co-operative Sponsor Academies


Our Co-operative Principles are the way we put our values into action

OUR Academies are part of the UKs first educational co-operative to work with schools nationally, The Schools Co-operative Society. Educational Co-operatives such as SCS and OUR interpret these principles for their schools, their staff and students, as well as the community they serve to ensure that OUR schools remain an active part of that community.