OUR - A regional co-operative MAT but working locally

OUR is based in Gloucester in the South West Region of England as a co-operative Multi- Academy Trust. One of its strengths is the ability to support schools in becoming good and outstanding academies.

OUR is part of the School Co-operative Society, which is a national organisation of some 800 schools. Though this network we are able to access a wide range of support both locally and nationally.

Our ideal method is to access support locally and we will discuss this in detail with a school when they are considering joining us. This could be:-

What about the co-operative trust we are currently in?

If your school is currently part of a co-operative cluster, perhaps a co-operative Foundation Trust we would want you to remain working with them.

What about other groups a school works with?

These are important. We feel that schools should work with groups that help them and we would encourage this.