Welcome to OUR Co-operative Academies Trust

O pen to All     U nlocking Potential     R aising Aspirations

The OUR Co-operative Academy Trust has been established to support the work of co-operative schools within the South and West. Other schools and academies within the region are most welcome to join OUR as a converter academy or as a sponsored academy.

OUR and its academies are members of the wider network of the Schools Co-operative Society (SCS) which is a national network of over 800 schools and academies. Within the South West region there are over 240 member schools, educating some 70,000 learners.

If you are interested in joining OUR either via the 'sponsor' route or the standard 'converter route' then we will be able to give you guidance to help you make your choice. Please contact us for more information. 

All co-operative schools and academies are strongly co-operative and adopt the internationally agreed co-operative values and principles used by millions of people who belong to co-operatives across the world. 

All co-operative schools and academies strongly believe in these values and principles that help create the right atmosphere for sustaining high performance, routed deeply in the community, and involving all of the stakeholders that schools and academies need to continue to make themselves highly effective, good and outstanding, now and for many years to come.